Watch These Dudes Build A Mini Ramp In The Middle Of A Hemp Field And Ride The Hell Out Of It

Miniramp Field Hemp

Heaven is a half pipe.

The guys from Afends – some Australian clothing company – decided to celebrate the fact that they’re now going to be manufacturing sustainable hemp based products by heading to the biggest hemp field in Australia and building a mini ramp there and skating the shit out of it.

They took Australian skaters Boyd Young and Bibi Bradbury and surfer Josh Sleep along with them and basically had what looks like one of the most fun days ever skating, drinking beer and smoking weed. It looks like a complete blast and it’s crazy that somewhere like that even exists in Australia and it’s even crazier that these guys were just allowed to rock up there and build a mini ramp and have an absolute blast like this. Very jealous.

Like one guy said in the comments, heaven is a half pipe and if heaven does exist, I imagine it looks a lot like this video. Although this floating skate ramp on Lake Tahoe might be a close second.

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