Little Girl’s Cat Getting Stuck In A Lampshade And Electrocuted Is The Most Horrifying Video Ever

T-minus 9 lives.

I’m more of a dog person but even I have to admit that this video rattled me, so there’s your warning not to watch if you ain’t up to it.

The video below features a cat named Milo getting a little too curious for his own good and getting trapped under a lampshade which eventually begins electrocuting him. When the cat starts screaming and the little girls realise what’s going on, all hell breaks loose.

Absolute nightmare material. But I guess that’s what you get any time you combine white girls with electrocuted cats. I’m not sure those girls are ever going to be able to get that cat’s scream out of their heads?

The good news is it looks like Milo is 100% OK (even though he looks completely dead in the first pic):



Only question that remains is how will Milo exact his revenge? You can see it written all over his face in that second pic. Those girls better keep their heads on a swivel cos that cat is out for REVENGE.

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