Millionaire Surgeon Divorces Wife After Discovering She Was Living A Secret Life As A Prostitute

Oh dear.

Former Miss Connecticut USA Regina Turner is being divorced by her millionaire husband, doctor Han Jo Kim, after he accused her of living a secret life as an escort.

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According to NY Daily News, Regina raked in $700,000 as a prostitute without her husband realising. Apparently she’d conned him ever since they started dating, telling the doc she was working on an app that was supported by a wealthy investor.

When Kim asked her how she was supporting herself while the app was in development, she claimed she was living off a $500,000 inheritance from her great-grandmother.

The pair reached a settlement ahead of a public hearing scheduled for this week that likely would have revealed more details about the case, so I guess they’ve spared themselves a few blushes there.

What we do know is Regina, 32, would cover up her secret work by telling Kim, 41, she was going out with girlfriends or had to travel as part of her work. It turns out much of the $700,000 she made escorting came from a New Jersey real estate executive, and an award-winning lighting designer based in the UK. Two top clients right there!

Unfortunately, Regina has made her Instagram private, but here’s a video from her Maxim days:

So many of these Miss USA/Maxim/FHM girls whose job is basically just being really hot end up marrying rich guys and living a lavish lifestyle, which is fair enough really. Not Miss Connecticut Regina Turner though. I mean, she did marry a rich guy, but she also turned her hotness into a thriving business at the same time, raking in $700,000 from escorting on the side.

Maybe in an alternate universe she was honest with Dr. Kim from the beginning and he was totally OK with his wife supplementing their income by taking rich dudes’ money for sex. Now that would have been a modern-day power couple indeed. Unfortunately for Regina, being an international prostitute making hundreds of thousands of dollars isn’t a secret that’s easily kept (he apparently found a text message on her laptop from another man). In the end, it’s just not something he was willing to live with. Fair enough really. As they say – you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

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