Millionaire Releases Footage Of His Ex-Fiancee Beating Herself Up After She Claimed He Battered Her

Bitches be crazy.

Florida millionaire Scott Mitchell, 45, and ex-fiancee Mary Hunt, 29, are in the midst of a legal battle with the businessman accusing her of stealing $2.1 million worth of jewellery from his mansion.

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Hunt meanwhile claims Mitchell was violent towards her while they were together, giving her black eyes and bruises, before he cancelled their wedding last summer.

Well, Mitchell shut that down real quick by releasing this surveillance footage of Hunt beating the shit out of herself in their bedroom:

A forensic expert is now looking into the footage as the legal battle heats up.



That video evidence seems hard to dispute but then again, you never know. Who’s to say she didn’t beat herself up and get beaten up by him as well? Unfortunately for Hunt there’s no evidence of that, so I guess she’s a psycho who steals jewellery and beats herself up until proven otherwise.

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