Miley Cyrus Covered ‘Zombie’ By The Cranberries & It Was Actually Awesome (LIVE VIDEO)


‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries is one song that definitely doesn’t need a cover version, but there are like 54 covers of it out there anyway, with the latest a live cover by Miley Cyrus at Los Angeles’ famed Whisky A Go-Go.

Have to admit, I was a bit hesitant clicking play on this. But turns out Miley’s cover of ‘Zombie’ is… kinda awesome?

Blimey, she was really feeling that wasn’t she? That’s a song that’s all about the vocals and despite sounding like she ate a packet of cigarettes for breakfast Miley absolutely smashed it out of the park. Not that anyone will ever come close to the original Dolores O’Riordan version (it might not even be as good as the Badwolves cover of the same song), but it’s safe to say she has done the track justice.

This video actually sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole and despite never caring for Miley’s music, the covers she has been doing recently have been phenomenal. Hey, I guess it’s easier than writing your own classic tracks. But maybe she’s just so rich and famous at this point that she’s just doing music for fun. Go Miley Go!

For a look Miley’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience last month, click HERE.


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