Miley Cyrus Gets A New Haircut, The World Laughs At It

Miley Cyrus Butters Featured

Apparently getting your hair cut short is indicative of mental illness these days. That is if you’re Miley Cyrus and your new hairstyle makes you look like Butters from South Park.

Miley Cyrus Butters Featured

Miley Cyrus was a Sick Chirpse favourite when we first started the website in the tail end of 2010 – she got caught smoking a bong so instantly fitted right in with the ethos of the website. However, she’s been kinda quiet lately – or we haven’t been paying attention, could be either – but twitter was going absolutely crazy today when she revealed that she has a new haircut. Obviously this is the biggest news that is going on today (talk about an Olympic hangover huh?) but in fairness her hair does look kind of hilarious, although I’m kind of into it because it’s real punky. If Miley Cyrus wasn’t jailbait and engaged maybe I’d hit her up.

The trademark brown locks are no more and she’s now got short blonde hair in a kind of faux Skrillex style that resembles Anna from the OC if we’re being nice but is probably more akin to Butters from South Park or Boris Johnson or the guy who plays Draco in the Harry Potter movies. Fans seem to be split down the middle with some people liking it and others absolutely hating it. Some people have described it as ‘shocking’ and the Christian Post has accused her of having an identity crisis.

Apparently she’s had a few new hairstyles in the past few months and this is enough for some people to come to the conclusion that she is psychologically unstable with the pick of the tweets coming from @ErinAherne who stated that ‘Whatever Miley Cyrus has done to her hair, she’s obviously in some kind of mental crisis’. This concern was replicated all over twitter.

Seriously? Give her a break guys, she’s only 19 and it’s not even that outrageous a hairstyle. It’s not like she’s shaved it all off like Britney Spears did a few years ago or anything. Miley herself seems to be handling the criticism fairly well tweeting out the following tweets in response to all the haters: ‘If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. My hair is attached to my head no one else’s and it’s going bye bye.’ She also tweeted ‘Never felt more me in my whole life ❤’ and  that ‘someone just told me im prettier than Miley Cyrus’ which would imply she’s actually happy with her hair and not mentally unstable AT ALL like everyone in twitter is suggesting. Stop taking the internet and hairstyles so seriously guys.

Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures of her new hairstyle, what do you think of it? Do you think she’s in the middle of a mental breakdown? Let us know.

Miley Cyrus New Hairstyle 1

Miley Cyrus New Hairstyle 2

Miley Cyrus New Hairstyle 3

Miley Cyrus New Hairstyle 4


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