Mike Tyson Smokes $40,000 Worth Of Weed A Month On His New Ranch


One of the stranger developments of recent times is the transformation of Mike Tyson from an aggressive and violent alpha male into a passive and reserved major stoner and to be honest we couldn’t be more for it – seems like Tyson is in a much better place than he has been before and that his development of his marijuana ranch should be a major benefit to US stoners and the US economy.

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It’s great that Iron Mike is calming down and finding some kind of inner peace, but it’s also a good thing that he owns his own marijuana ranch because the amount of green that he’s smoking is literally insane. Tyson was speaking on his ‘“Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’ podcast – he’s really getting into the weed thing isn’t he? -where he estimated that he smoked roughly $40,000 of weed with his buddies at his ranch.

That’s roughly 666 eighths of bud which is something like 22 eighths a day in your average month which is pretty much an eighth an hour. Holy moly – I can’t even imagine smoking that much weed – guy must literally be constantly smoking his weed his entire day and whilst he’s asleep to keep up that kind of ratio.


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That’s really goddamn impressive but I guess that’s what you need to do to completely suppress a personality as off the chain as Iron Mike’s used to be. Maybe everyone should try it – would make the whole world a lot more chill and maybe we could all think up great new ideas like the world’s longest lazy river. All sounds good to me.

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