Mike Tyson Shows Off Ripped Physique And Terrifying Speed In New Comeback Video


Another strange tangent that the Coronavirus pandemic has taken us on is a potential return to the boxing ring for Mike Tyson, as he has continually been posting videos of him training during the lockdown and saying that he wants to make a comeback despite being 53 years old.

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It doesn’t seem like he’s letting up on these claims either as he’s posted yet another training video where he again looks completely ripped and terrifying. The video was originally posted on Chinese social messaging app Weibo which is why there are Chinese subtitles underneath. Guess this is a worldwide comeback baby!

Yeah, absolutely do no want to be messing with that and I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want to either, unless they’re a professional heavyweight boxer right now or Evander Holyfield.

I guess it remains to be seen whether Mike Tyson will actually come out of retirement and fight again, but these videos have certainly been fun and totally bumped up the hype for it. Probably would actually him out in the ring again after watching a bunch of them to be honest.

For more of the same, check out Tyson breaking down in tears after revealing he’s terrified of his old self. Don’t blame him to be honest – kinda terrified of this version as well.


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