Mike Tyson Breaks Down In Tears As He Reveals He’s Terrified Of His Old Self (VIDEO)

This is intense.

Few people have had had the type of comeback that Mike Tyson has had, going from a ruthless, ear-biting brutaliser who was jailed for 6 years for rape back in the 90s, to then come back on the scene and be accepted as a humbled legend who has changed his ways and popping up in films like Hangover.

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Well the other day he was doing a podcast with Sugar Ray Leonard, and this clip of Tyson breaking down when talking about his old self is going viral because, well, it’s a terrifyingly authentic and captivating clip of how he feels about himself today:

For those who can’t watch:

I know the art of fighting, I know the art of war. That’s all I’ve ever studied. That’s why I’m so feared, that’s why they feared me when I was in the ring. I was an annihilator, that’s all I was born for.

Now those days are gone. It’s empty, I’m nothing.

I’m working on being the art of humbleness. That’s the reason I’m crying, ’cause I’m not that person no more, and I miss him. Cause sometimes I feel like a bitch. Because I don’t want that person to come out because if he comes out, hell is coming with him.

..And, it’s not funny at all. It’s not cool like I’m a tough guy. It’s just that I hate that guy, I’m scared of him.

Intense stuff. I know Mike has talked like that before on other podcasts but it’s quite uncomfortable watching him get so emotional like that. Obviously the guy is a troubled soul, but could you have imagined watching him batter people back in the day and think that 20 years later he’d be crying his eyes out on podcasts? Life is an absolute trip sometimes.

He might not be the most articulate dude but I just love how honest and raw and introspective he is. Like he says though, that guy is still in there somewhere:

To watch Mike Tyson smoke a foot-long joint with Cypress Hill last year, click HERE. No wonder he’s more chilled these days.


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