53-Year-Old Mike Tyson Caught Shadow Boxing On Camera And It Is TERRIFYING


Any time a retired pro athlete shows flashes of their former selves, it’s pretty great to see – especially one who completely dominated his sport like Mike Tyson.

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The guy is 53-years-old and still moving like he did in his twenties. Well OK maybe not like he did in his 20s, but he’s still just as terrifying as he was back then. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

Jesus. How dangerous did that look? Just as scary as the famous Mike Tyson training video from 1986:

You can just imagine the devastation those punches would cause if they connected. It looks like pure instinct for the guy, like he’s not even thinking as he does it. I love the way he shifts his entire body as he moves as opposed to just his feet.

A good recent clip of Tyson is this one from when he was interviewed on Joe Rogan – talking about why he doesn’t train anymore because he’s worried it will ‘activate his ego’:

It’s good to know Mike Tyson turned out to be a relatively well-adjusted person despite his tough upbringing, drug addictions, blows to the head, and serious run-ins with the law and prison over the years. Not a bad idea dropping that shadowboxing video to let everybody know he’s still got it. 53 years old. Wow.

To watch Piers Morgan of all people smoke a spliff at Mike Tyson’s weed ranch, click HERE. No wonder Mike’s more chilled out these days.


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