Watch Piers Morgan Smoke A Spliff At Mike Tyson’s Weed Ranch

Piers Morgan smoking weed

And later on we’ll be seeing pigs fly as hell freezes over.

Aside from being nice, funny, charming, or cool, smoking a spliff is pretty high up on the list of things I’d never expect Piers Morgan to do.

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Boy, was I wrong – on a recent trip to California, when appearing on Mike Tyson’s latest podcast, the Good Morning Britain presenter did the unthinkable and took a toke on air, much to the disbelief of the entire nation.

To be fair, Piers was in a part of the world where smoking weed recreationally is legal for people over 21 and it happened at the boxer’s cannabis ranch for a podcast called Hot Boxin’. So yeah, if you’re going to smoke weed for the first time, this was an ideal set-up.

In the clip shared on social media, which Piers aptly captioned “When in Rome”, the presenter asks Tyson: “What am I supposed to do with this Mike,” while holding the spliff in his hand.

To which the athlete replies, “Smoke it!” After a bit of laughing and a helping hand from his new pal, Piers takes a good old toke like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

But, as we know, it’s not the most natural thing in the world and I highly doubt that one pull is enough to undo all of the shit going on in that man’s head. Still, I’ve got to hand it to him for giving it a go.

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