Mike Tyson Is Looking Jacked AF Ahead Of Comeback Fight Against Roy Jones Jr

11 days to go.

54-year-old Mike Tyson is looking in peak physical condition ahead of his comeback fight next weekend, and though that shouldn’t really be surprising to hear, I’d be bricking it if I was Roy Jones Jr and saw these pics doing these rounds so close to the fight.

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Still looking like the Baddest Man on the Planet 15 years since he last stepped into a boxing ring for a professional fight. Only now he’s got that weathered, jacked old man look about him where he just looks like a guy who’s been beating the shit out of people since he was a child. Iron Mike was scary enough, but Iron Mike with old man strength? That’s a scary prospect indeed!

Obviously, he’s looking a bit different to the peak Iron Mike days:

He’s probably not as fast as that guy was, but like I said the old man strength will more than make up for it. Not that 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr doesn’t also have old man strength, but I can’t say I fancy his chances next weekend. It might even be a one-punch knockout situation.

Who knows, we could even get a classic Mike Tyson promo like the good old boys if he finds himself that far deep in the zone:

When he’s not training for his big comeback, Mike Tyson can be found hosting his own podcast, where he recently accused gangsta rapper Lil Boosie over being a homosexual to his face. Not sure how many other podcasts hosts would get away with that.


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