“It’s Possible You’re A Homosexual” Mike Tyson Gets Deep With Rapper Lil Boosie After He Dissed Transgender Child

Mike Tyson is psychoanalysing gangster rappers on his latest podcast.

A cursory Google search of Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie leads me to believe he may have special needs, but even still, Mike Tyson did not take it easy on him in the last episode of his podcast ‘Hotboxin With Mike Tyson’.

Things got deep and just a little bit awkward when Tyson suggested that Lil Boosie’s outspokenness against the LGBT community could be an indicator that he himself is homosexual:

Wow. How about Mike Tyson psychoanalysing dudes and trying to help them get to the core of who they are by reflecting on their own lives and childhoods. It’s fascinating to see how the guy has evolved from essentially a stone cold killer into some kind of stoned philosopher.

From what I’ve seen online, Lil Boosie is a certified G and a legitimate (ex?) gang banger who is highly respected in his genre but always getting himself into trouble. Like Tyson, I actually agree with him that young children should not be transitioning/messing with their biology at such a young age, but I guess it’s his general attitude about LGBT (calling people “faggot” and so on) that rubbed Tyson up the wrong way. Especially since he’d know all about that in his past life:

Again, fascinating to see how Tyson has evolved. Did he get through to Lil Boosie in this interview? I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether his next song is called “I’m A Homosexual” or something.

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