Mike Tyson Just Sent Out This Absolutely Mental Soulja Boy Diss Track

2017 is going to be a wild year.

As if we needed more signs that 2017 is going to be an absolutely wild year, Mike Tyson is not only training Chris Brown for a fight with Soulja Boy, he’s also just released a Soulja Boy diss track to promote it.

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What’s more, the video is packed full of knockout models just spazzing out right in Soulja Boy’s face:

Not too shabby. I don’t think anyone can expect much from a Mike Tyson rap song but I thought that was better than expected. I would definitely be shitting myself if I was Soulja Boy although he might actually be dumb enough to record his own diss track and make Tyson even more mad. The best part is it basically confirms that this fight is happening and if Soulja Boy does indeed show up, it’s going down. What a world we live in.

Who knew that liking a girl’s picture on Instagram could lead to so much drama?


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