Mike Tyson Declares He’s Officially Back In Terrifying New Training Video

Oh shit.

One strand of quarantine/lockdown that I don’t think anyone thought we were going to be seeing is 53 year old Mike Tyson teasing a return to boxing with a whole bunch of intense and terrifying training videos.

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Mike has been upping this content over the last couple of weeks and it all came to a head yesterday when he posted a new training video where he declared that he was back and ready to go to war for charity in the future. He’s been getting in shape with MMA coach Rafael Cordeiro and has stated his intention to get back into the ring in order to raise money to help people currently fighting coronavirus financially.

Here’s the video:

Damn. Certainly looks like he can still throw down with anyone, but I guess it remains to see how a fight would actually go down considering he’s a 53 year old man. Not sure how the cardio would hold up and whenever you see old boxers/fighters try and scrap down like they used to in their prime it always seems a bit embarrassing.

Hopefully this is different, especially as Mike apparently has a $20 million bare knuckle boxing offer on the table and Evander Holyfield is also coming out of retirement to fight him. Actually, just typing that makes it sound like it’s going to be a shit show, but I would probably tune in to see the debacle sure. Why not?

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