Mike Tyson Forces UFC President Dana White To Give Up His Seat On Private Jet

Dana White Mike Tyson Plane

You really aren’t going to mess with Mike Tyson now, are you?

You really aren’t going to mess with Mike Tyson are you, even if you haven’t read his autobiography. That’s exactly what happened a couple of days ago to UFC president Dana White, who had no choice but to give up his seat on his own private jet to Mike Tyson when the former heavyweight champion threatened to beat him up if he didn’t. Like I said, you really aren’t going to mess with him in that situation and Dana White wasn’t going to be that stupid either, so he meekly headed over to a seat across the aisle.

That wasn’t the end of the torment for him though, as when White fell asleep Tyson was there immediately with a sharpie to do that classic old joke of writing DICK on his forehead in massive letters. Looks like Dana White got punked massively. At least he wasn’t on the receiving end of a Mike Tyson knockout.


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