Here’s Mike Tyson Smoking A Foot Long Joint With Cypress Hill At A Marijuana Festival

Mike Tyson Spliff

Iron Mike paid a visit to Dr Greenthumb.

Mike Tyson is one hell of a character and there seem to be a whole bunch of stories out there about him that just make him dumber and dumber – and they don’t stop coming.

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The latest ridiculous tale involving Iron Mike sees him heading to a marijuana festival over the weekend and smoking a foot long dooby with Cypress Hill. As you do.

Pretty jokes from Tyson there, but if you knew anything about him you would actually know that he’s a pretty big pro marijuana campaigner. He believes in the medicinal powers of the drug and also owns a marijuana farm in California following its legalisation. Probably gonna make a pretty penny from that as well.

But yeah, with that in mind it’s no real surprise that Tyson was attending a marijuana convention with B Real over the weekend. The pair later appeared on Tyson’s podcast and had a pretty rad conversation which you can listen to below:

Pretty jokes stuff from the unlikely duo. Bet they smoked the place down even more afterwards as well.

For more Mike Tyson, here’s a crazy story about him doing blow with none other that Steve-O. The stuff those guys get up to eh?


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