Mike Skinner Drops Sneak Preview Of New Track Celebrating June 21st Out Of Lockdown

Bring it on.

I’ve said this a couple of times before, but there’s a new wave of optimism spreading over the country after the weather got a bit better and Boris Johnson announced a roadmap out of lockdown to get everything opened up and happening again and things are only getting better as Mike Skinner has just casually dropped the sound of the summer over on his Instagram account.

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Mike Skinner made a bit of a comeback with The Streets in 2019 and could be gearing up to go again, although it does kinda seem like he’s a bit stoned in this video and just messing around. Nevertheless, he’s got the basis for a song that will once again encapsulate the mood of the nation this summer once the restrictions are finally lifted:

Class. I can imagine ‘who’s got the bag?’ could easily become (even more of) a catchphrase of the summer of 2021. Let’s just hope it happens – can’t wait to be sat in a blazing hot beer garden with some idiot DJ playing this on repeat and everyone getting lairy to it. Gonna be real special.

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