Boris Johnson Hints That The Price Of Pints Could Be Slashed When Pubs Reopen

Finally some good news.

There’s a wave of optimism riding over the country at the moment as more and more people have been receiving their vaccinations and Boris’ roadmap has at least laid some foundations for getting out of lockdown for *the final time*, and it sounds like it might be getting even better as it’s also rumoured that he’s thinking about slashing the price of pints when the pubs reopen.

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The idea is that pubs will be given a boost in sales by slicing the tax that they normally pay on their alcohol and adding it on to supermarket drinks instead. Supermarkets have obviously had a bumper few months as people have been buying their drinks there rather than the pub, so it’s hoped that this would offset the increase in tax that they would pick up over the summer – although obviously they wouldn’t be happy about it.

Here’s what Johnson said about the idea during Prime Minister’s Questions this week:

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This is an extremely good point which I’m sure will be heard with great interest around the country.

There is such a review, being carried out, after consulting owners and brewers and I know that the Chancellor is looking very closely at the findings.

Well that sounds like it could be good doesn’t it? Most of us will probably be heading to the pub every weekend/day/hour over the summer regardless, but I’m sure it would be even more of an incentive to stay longer and drink more if it was a bit cheaper than usual, right? Pull the trigger Boris.

For more of the same, check out this TikTok about going back to the pub that was making everyone very emotional the other day. Really awesome stuff.


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