UFC Fighter Mike Perry KO’s Old Man During Bar Fight, Drops Multiple N Bombs

This is not good.

UFC star ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry has somehow NOT been arrested after punching an old man in the face at a Texas restaurant this week and then dropping a few N-bombs on his way out of the venue.

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Witnesses told TMZ the whole thing started when Perry got into a physical altercation with someone at his table at the Table 82 restaurant in Lubbock, TX. An employee at the restaurant then asked a drunken Perry to leave, but Perry punched him in the face.

As Perry and his girlfriend then left the restaurant, this happened:

Yikes – not good. Perry has told police – who again, didn’t arrest him – that he was trying to leave the restaurant peacefully but people “kept putting hands on him”. He admits getting physical with multiple people but only after they touched him first.

I’m not really sure someone touching you is grounds to knock them out and after all it did only look like the old man was trying to diffuse the situation. Question is how will the UFC react to seeing this video? Mike Perry has been coming off like a bit of a nut job in interviews recently so this video will definitely be cause for concern, not just because of the old man KO but also the N-bombs that followed. Although Perry has defended his use of the word in the past by saying he’s 2% African (seriously).

Think the guy should probably seek some help because he clearly ain’t all there in the head. Let’s hope the old man isn’t hurt too badly either.

For the time Conor McGregor punched an old man in the face at an Irish pub for refusing a glass of his Proper Twelve whiskey, click HERE. If Mike Perry was half the star McGregor is, he might even get away with it too.


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