Ronda Rousey Has No Choice But To Murder Miesha Tate For This Interview (VIDEO)

Does Miesha Tate have a death wish?

Ronda Rousey may have battered Miesha Tate (twice) previously, but Miesha has since managed to do something Rousey couldn’t – beat Holly Holm.

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This makes for a very interesting prospective rematch between the two, provided Miesha can beat Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 on July 9th.

Well here’s hoping she does, because we can imagine Rousey will be PISSED and looking to do some damage after the sneaky digs Miesha threw at her in this interview.

Interesting move to crap on Rousey like that considering Rousey’s made her tap out twice already, but I guess confidence levels are known to rise anytime you’re holding a championship belt.

So either Miesha loses to Nunez at UFC 200 and looks really stupid for it, or she wins and we get Miesha Vs Rousey #3 at UFC 201 and Rousey murders her. Maybe she should pipe down and focus on one fight at a time.

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