Ronda Rousey Cussed Out Paige VanZant For Congratulating Holly Holm On Her Win (VIDEO)

Bit of an overreaction.

UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate was a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience this week, and naturally Ronda Rousey came up in conversation.

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According to Tate, women’s strawweight fighter Paige VanZant had a run-in with Rousey in which Rousey cussed her out because she congratulated Holly Holm on beating her a few months back.

In Tate’s words:

Certainly sounds like a bit of an overreaction on Rousey’s part. All Paige VanZant did was congratulate Holly Holm and Rousey lost the fucking plot. What’s funny though is that Miesha Tate is on this show shit-stirring the hell out of it, even though the story has nothing to do with her. Basically made VanZant sound like a chump and Rousey like a proper bitch. That’s what keeps things interesting in the UFC for the non-purists though.

P.S. Is it too late to get Paige VanZant on UFC 200?





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