Watch This Middlesborough Fan Urinate In The Goalkeeper’s Water Bottle During A Game

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It’s often said in sports that the crowd is the 12th man and they can really aid their team by roaring them on to victory, but I don’t think any team would expect the crowd to help their cause by pissing in their opponent’s water bottle.

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Nevertheless, during their game with QPR over the weekend, one Middlesborough fan though that it would be a great idea to urinate in the goalkeeper’s water bottle and then throw it back onto the pitch, ready for him to drink out of. Whilst that’s pretty funny when you first hear it, when you actually think about it and the fact that that poor dude is going to have to drink another’s man piss then it really is pretty rank, revolting and awful behaviour.

Watch the video below, you can clearly see the guy doing it:

Rough. As the video was shared widely on social media and condemned by pretty much everyone, the police have been informed about it and will likely track him down fairly quickly and probably ban him from ever attending a football match ever again.

Serves him right – you can’t go around trying to make people drink your piss, it’s just wrong. For more of the same, check out how you can urinate on Donald Trump’s face. Result.


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