College Professor Rips Apart Student’s Terrible Email About Missing Class

College Professor

If you ever plan on skipping class again, read this.

So if you’ve been at university/college or college before then you’ve probably missed a couple of classes because you were too hungover to make it because you were partying all night the day previously. Or just couldn’t be bothered or something.

If that’s the case – and I’m sure it was – then chances are that you probably had to email into your prof to explain why you had missed the class and these emails would probably take a while for you to construct because they had to be at least slightly believable and written in a way that you didn’t come across as a complete and utter bum. Hence, you would probably spend longer writing them than you did over your dissertation, but hey if it paid off then you didn’t get kicked out of class and managed to pass university, so it was definitely worth it.

Here’s an example of exactly how not to contract one of these emails, helpfully broken down and explained by the professor who receives it. The email itself probably would have been enough to illustrate this point, but the despair and anger in this lame professor’s voice as he deconstructs the email really takes it to the next level. Although I agree with everything they professor says – the email is really bad and I’d be pretty pissed off if I received a similar one from somebody I knew – I don’t really know if I can sympathise with him too much because seriously, what does he expect from the student body in 2014?

When the professors are regularly performing strip tease routines during lectures, then you can’t really expect the students to be much better can you?


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