Introducing MMA Fighter Michael ‘Venom’ Page – Could He Be The Next Big UFC Star?


His highlight reel is pure poetry.

Michael ‘Venom’ Page is a 28 year old MMA fighter who’s looking like he could be the next big thing.

He’s already making a name for himself as the Welterweight ‘MVP’ and when you check out the highlight reel of his fight below you’ll understand why. His fighting style is very distinct and completely off the chain – wait until you see the spin kick knockout in the first minute and some of his crazy dancing and punching later on. Like the commentator says, he’s an encyclopaedia or unorthodox offence.

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How long until we see this guy competing in the UFC? He’s certainly got the personality to become a major star there.

Is he has talented as other newcomers like Sage Northcutt, who recently knocked his first opponent out in 57 seconds? Only time will tell.


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