There’s A Petition To Stop Michael Owen From Ever Commentating Again

This is bound to get a lot of signatures.

Following on another week of dreadfully inept commentating episodes, a petition has emerged to try and prevent Michael Owen from ever picking up a microphone again.

As anyone who has ever heard him talking will testify, Owen may have been a great footballer but he’s a complete moron when it comes to commentating, regularly offering up such gems as ‘the trouble with City is that if they don’t score, they don’t win’ and ‘Leicester have scored the first goal, which means they are 1-0 up. If it stays like this – they win.’ To be honest it’s kind of surprising this petition didn’t pop up sooner.

Michael Owen Petition

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Surprisingly, at the time of writing there are only just under 400 signatures – I would have expected a lot more – so maybe not everyone feels like me and the creator of this survey. I can’t honestly believe that that’s possible due to the sheer awfulness of Michael Owen’s analysis though, and would probably put it down to the laziness of the modern day keyboard warrior who can’t even be bothered to type his name into a petition when they could be writing some insults on Twitter instead.

There’s also the fact that this petition probably won’t do anything, although in the past Alan Hansen, Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend have all found themselves out of jobs due to massive public outcries. The clock could be ticking for Owen.

You can check out the petition here, or revisit the time Owen drearily live tweeted a burglary at his house. I know which link I would click on.


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