Michael Jackson’s Final Driving Licence Photo

Michael Jackson

Driving licence photos are notoriously sketchy but can you imagine what the King of Pop’s last submission would have looked like? Well wonder no more because we’ve got it right here for you.

This one goes out to my girl Jess Hill because she doesn’t believe I run Sick Chirpse. So yeah, somehow over Christmas managed to get a hold of Michael Jackson’s final driving licence photo. I don’t know how those guys get a hold of anything but it’s pretty awesome how they seem to find the most random stuff and it’s always pretty interesting. Obviously everyone loves Michael Jackson because some of his songs are clearly some of the biggest hits ever and his story is especially fascinating because he was so completely screwed up and weird -and not in an Ian Watkins kind of way even though he did like hanging out with kids – so everyone will be interested in a story about Michael Jackson, especially one about him looking weird. I don’t really want to get into a debate/diatribe about Michael Jackson’s life though because it really is a can of worms, I think we can all agree though that he was a legend though.

I kinda feel that everyone kinda knows where they were when they heard when he was dead too, it’s just one of those things that you’ll instantly remember when it’s brought up. I was watching TV on the couch at my parents’ house and my mom was asleep, and then my dad got back from the pub quiz and I told him that Michael Jackson died but he already knew. Cool story huh? Anyway, everyone knows he (Michael Jackson, not  my dad)  was a little worse for wear around the time of his death due to all that plastic surgery he was having, so it’s no surprise he looks kinda screwed up on his final driving licence photograph, especially compared with his one from the 80’s. I find it kinda hard to believe that he even needed a driving licence in 2005 as a) I can imagine that he just got someone to drive him wherever he wanted because he was so loaded and b) he was probably so weak and fucked up that he couldn’t physically drive a car. Still, he still picked one up and it turns out his middle name is Joe too. TMZ also threw in one of his old driving licences from the 80’s where he looks a lot more normal and well, blacker.

Check them out below. Compare and contrast:

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Michael Jackson Last Driving Licence

Michael Jackson 80's Driving Licence


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