Michael Gove Has Revealed He Loves Mrs Brown’s Boys

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Michael Gove will probably be remembered – if he’s remembered at all – as the dickhead that ruined this country’s education system and then betrayed Boris Johnson to run for PM after Brexit but completely fucked it, but today we’ve actually managed to find something on him that is actually worse than all of his misgivings put together.

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What the hell could that be I hear you say? Well, just take a look at the tweet he posted the other day:

Wow. I mean I knew there must be people out there that enjoyed that steaming pile of horseshit – I mean it keeps getting renewed on the BBC and it’s always on at Christmas – but I didn’t think people would actually admit it to the world at large. Or use superlatives like ‘pure genius’. What the hell is wrong with the guy?

I suppose it makes sense that someone who was as big a twat as Michael Gove would actually enjoy it though doesn’t it? It’s exactly what makes this country great eh? Tosser.

For more of Michael Gove being a dickhead, check out what he looks like when he’s drinking water. Weird.


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