Michael Gove Is Getting Ripped Into For Dicking About With Donald Trump

Trump Gove

Brown noser.

Michael Gove is pretty much the geekiest UK resident to have ever lived and the fact that he nearly made it as the UK Prime Minister is beyond a joke.

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Nevertheless, one person who would disagree with that statement is Donald Trump, as he just landed the first UK interview with the President-elect. If you want to find out more about the interview, click here. One of the more amusing things to come out of it was the below picture of Donald Trump and Michael Gove pulling the most pathetic thumbs up of all time:

Wow. Here’s the Twitter community’s reaction:

Michael Gove – he’s like that geeky brown noser who used to get ripped to shreds in school, only to be momentarily guarded by the headmaster when he attended maths lessons. Loser.

For more on why Michael Gove is a complete freak, click HERE.


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