Michael Gove Denies Making Sexual Innuendo With Boris Johnson ‘Pulling Out’ Comment



Theresa May finally resigned as Prime Minister on Friday which means that some other idiot from the Conservative Party will shortly be in charge of the country and the next couple of weeks are going to feature a whole bunch of them trying to be less cringe worthy than the next in an attempt to gain the leadership of the party.

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We’ve already seen this with Rory Stewart’s weirdly awkward video of him meeting three guys in East London yesterday, but now Michael Gove has been accused of making a sexual innuendo when talking about Boris Johnson. Banter.

Here’s what Gove said:

I anticipate that it’ll be me and Boris in the final two.

I’ll say to him, whatever you do, don’t pull out.

I know you have before and I know you may not believe in your heart that you can do it, but the Conservative Party membership deserve a choice.

Of course, everyone jumped on the fact that Gove said pull out and accused him of using sexual imagery to distract from the fact that he also admitted to taking cocaine several times in his early 20s. Not sure if dropping some vague sexual innuendo that doesn’t even really make sense into the conversation is gonna achieve that, but I suppose it’s worth a try.

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That’s the whole thing I’ve got with this though, if Gove did mean it to be a funny sexual innuendo what is he even playing at? It’s not funny, it doesn’t make any sense – how is dropping out of the Tory leadership in any way similar to pulling your dick out of someone’s vagina before you spunk everywhere? – and it’s just a really weird thing for him to do basically. Can’t see the logic in doing it as it’s not even a diss on Johnson really? You would think a politician would be able to come up with something a bit more cutting/funny than that wouldn’t you?

With that in mind, I’m backing Gove’s official response where he said the following:

I wasn’t making a sexual innuendo when I was talking about Boris.

Some people have a lot more imagination than I have.

I mean yeah I agree with him – it just makes no sense for him to do that? What does he even gain from it if it is? Just ridiculous.

For more of the same, here’s Michael Gove clapping like an absolute psychopath. What a weirdo.



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