Here’s Michael Gandolfini Talking About Playing A Young Tony Soprano In ‘The Many Saints Of Newark’

Sounds like a very different version of Tony Soprano.

The hype around ‘The Many Saints Of Newark’ has been building for years now and it’s almost hard to believe that it’s finally going to be released unjust under a month because we’ve been talking about it for so long.

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Obviously one of the major talking points surrounding the movie is that Michael Gandolfini will be playing the part of a young Tony Soprano – the role made famous by his father James – and he’s decided to talk about the challenge of honouring his father’s legacy for the first time with Empire Magazine. Here’s what he had to say about it:

You know, I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to walk out of this feeling like I’d grown in terms of my feelings towards my dad.

I just wanted to be the best actor I could be, portraying Tony in the way David wanted, scene by scene. I didn’t think about my grief because…well, I would have s**t the bed.”

My dad’s character had all this beautiful sensitivity underneath this aggression.

This version of him is the reverse. His curiosity and sensitivity comes first. He’s not a gun-wielding gangster. He’s a kid who gets whittled down and pulled in.

I guess that’s kind of interesting? I don’t really know what I was expecting from his character when I think about it now, but I suppose it makes sense that Tony Soprano wasn’t always the loveable yet despicable angry badass that we know from six seasons of ‘The Sopranos’. Looking forward to this a lot.

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