People Are Upset With Comedian Michael Che For Making A Joke About Trans People In The Military

What do you think?

I’ve always said that if a joke is genuinely clever and/or funny rather than blatantly malicious and mean-spirited, then there’s no reason for anyone to take issue with it. Unfortunately for comedian Michael Che, the usual suspects were very unhappy with a joke he told on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this past weekend.

The SNL co-head writer is being accused of transphobia when cracking a joke about President Joe Biden’s executive order that repealed Donald Trump’s transgender military ban.

Here’s the joke (go to 2:32 if it doesn’t automatically start there):

Funny, right? Well not according to the Huffington Post and the outrage brigade on Twitter. According to them, the joke was a complete abomination:

Well I don’t know how anyone can watch that joke and think Michael Che was coming from a place of cruelty and malintent. The guy was making a joke ffs! On SNL no less – one of the most liberal, progressive-minded TV shows in America. If we all want true equality in the post-Trump era, shouldn’t we be equal opportunity piss-takers?

It’s important to remember though that the people who kick up a fuss over this sort of thing are the vocal minority. I don’t even think half of the complainers even really care, they’re just saying what they think is the right thing to say to pick up woke points on Twitter. Either way, I really can’t empathise with people who complain about jokes and will always defend a comedian’s right to make them. Go Michael Go!

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