Gang Of Transgender Women Beat The Shit Out Of Man In Tube Attack After He Said They Need ‘Fannies’ To Be Women



A gang of drunken transgender women who dropkicked and stamped on a 19-year-old man outside Leicester Square tube station have been allowed to walk free from court.

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Tamsin Lush, 29, Tylah Jo Bryan and Amarnih Lewis-Daniel, both 24, set upon the teenager after he told them they needed ‘fannies’ to be women.

According to MailOnline, Lush ‘dropkicked’ the victim, named only as Al Shaheeb, before the others, including Hannah Bryan, a friend of the transgender women, joined in the attack.

The victim had apparently also racially abused Hannah Bryan, calling her a “black c*nt” during the June 2018 incident:


Interestingly, Jacinta Stringer, prosecuting, said the victim did not give a statement to police or cooperate after the attack:

He was 19 and described as Arabian. The young man came across these defendants outside Leicester Square Tube station.

Hannah Bryan, when she was interviewed described that there had been a conversation with this young man where he had turned around and said ”you’re not a woman – you need a f**** to be a woman”.

That of course started an altercation. Tamsin Lush drop-kicked the male that had made that comment and he went to the ground.

The young man was on the floor and these defendants stamped and kicked him whilst he was on the floor.

Hannah Bryan came at a later stage and tried to pull them off, but was also seen trying to kick the male.

Here are photos of the four defendants – can you guess which one is the cis woman?

If you guessed #4 – you’re right!

Anyway, Al Shaheeb was taken to hospital after he was left with severe abrasions and a black eye. Judge Nigel Seed sentenced Lush, Daniel-Lewis and Tylah-Jo Bryan to a six-month curfew between 9pm and 7am.

Daniel-Lewis was also ordered to complete 20 days rehabilitation activity requirement including anger management. Tylah-Jo Bryan was also handed a 12-month community order.

Hannah Bryan admitted the lesser offence of causing fear or provocation of violence and was given a conditional discharge for two years.

The judge told the gang:

I accept that had it not been for the alleged victim in this case there probably wouldn’t have been an incident.

The four of you then were subjected to extremely offensive transphobic and racial abuse. Had it not been for that there would have been no violent disorder.

However that does not excuse what you did, you went far to far in your reactions, but of course transphobic issues are particularly sensitive.

It is a sign that the so-called victim realised how wrong he was by refusing to cooperate and not make any statement.

I do not in any way condone your behaviour but I accept that what happened to you at the beginning of the incident was entirely wrong and people like you should not be subject to that abuse in the public domain or anywhere.

While I could be convinced those sentences are a little soft, I think the judge makes a good point. If this lad wanted to have a genuine discussion about the idea of transgenderism and what constitutes a woman, that’s one thing. But his plan was to be rude and wind them up and then throw in a little old-fashioned racism for good measure. So essentially he was begging to get his arse kicked. Although he may have been thinking “see? that’s not ladylike behaviour” as they were putting the boots in, so maybe in his mind he won the argument even if he did catch a brutal beatdown to get there.

SMH at everyone else chanting “fight, fight, fight”. I guess that’s Leicester Square on a weekend though.

To watch a transgender woman nearly chop a man’s head in half with a vicious axe attack, click HERE. That one was a little less provoked.



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