The Internet Is FURIOUS With Michael Buble For Instagramming This Photo Of A Girl With Her Butt Hanging Out Of Her Shorts

The Internet strikes again.

Michael Buble was out and about when he happened to spot this girl exploding out of her shorts, so like anyone who wants to make their friends laugh might do, he Instagrammed it:

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You already know what happens next *sigh*:



What a bunch of whining little Internet pussies. Where is the body shaming exactly? Can someone point it out? Firstly nobody wears shorts like that in 2015 unless they want people to check out their butt. Dress like that in the world today and you’ve got to be prepared for people to take sneaky photos and Instagram you – that’s life. Everyone knows that.  In fact when this girl realises Michael Buble made her butt famous the only reason she’s going to be pissed is that she didn’t get her face in there with him too. A massive overreaction over nothing – but that’s the Internet for you.

Somehow don’t think this butt will be picking up 1.5 million Instagram followers like this girl’s, though.


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