Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg Grabs Dog By The Mouth And Shakes It (VIDEO)

Grab ’em by the muzzle.

Politicians are always making themselves look weird when they try to be relatable and show us they’re human like the rest of us, but I don’t think anyone can wrap their head around what Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg was going for here.

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Just watch what he does when he meets this dog:

WTF was that? He’s gone around the room shaking people’s hands and then he finds himself opposite a dog and… shakes its mouth? Why did he do that? I keep watching the clip trying to figure it out but nope – nothing.

In fact his entire campaign is just a little bit on the weird side:

As I said though, politicians are always coming across like aliens when they try to relate to us. A few examples come to mind over on our side of the pond.

For instance, the time David Cameron ate a hot dog with a knife and fork:

Ed Miliband chowing down a bacon sandwich like an absolute wrong ‘un:

Boris Johnson talking about his #1 hobby – making models of buses:

Just politicians being regular dudes!

Speaking of which, the President of Turkmenistan was once such a dick to a small puppy that Vladimir Putin had to step in and intervene. Time to rethink foreign policy on that one.


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