The Girl Who Was Fly Kicked Off Stage For Taking A Selfie Yesterday Has Released A Statement

Parker Cannon

This probably isn’t what you expect.

The internet went into veritable meltdown yesterday after we posted a video of The Story So Far singer Parker Cannon kicking a girl off stage when she was attempting to take a selfie with the band because it seemed like everyone had an opinion on it. From my Facebook feed and the comments I’ve been checking, it seems like people have come down squarely on one side or the other in the argument and people are getting pretty damn vexed about it on both sides.

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Now, the girl show as actually kicked off stage has allegedly come forward with a statement she made on her Facebook page that has now been posted on her Imgur account. No idea if this is actually her or not but it seems kind of like the way someone who would take a selfie ons rage with a band would probably like to get her feelings out there. And it’s a pretty interesting take on the situation too:

Girl Parker Cannon Statement

So there you have it, this girl doesn’t even think that it’s a problem that she got kicked off the stage and in fact sounds like she half expected it to happen. I’m not sure if this is just her being a deluded fan girl or just what everyone who attends pop punk shows expects to happen now, but I suppose everyone who is getting on their high horses can probably get off them if the girl herself doesn’t think it’s that big a deal.

For what it’s worth, I probably think Parker Cannon shouldn’t go around dropkicking people, but if they’re in on it and it’s part of the ‘fun’, then I don’t think that should be a problem either. Everything seems cool so we can probably just drop it now.

If you want to see more people getting beat up on stage, here’s NOFX singer Fat Mike laying a humdinger on someone a year or so ago.


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