M.I.A. Says She’d Rather Die Than Get Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

Oh dear.

Remember M.I.A. of ‘Paper Planes’ and (ironically) ‘Bird Flu’ fame? She’s chosen an amazing time to come out as an anti-vaxxer and has explained she would rather die than get vaccinated against coronavirus.

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The 44-year-old also said (in a since-deleted Tweet) that 11-year-old son Ikyhyd won’t be vaccinated either, because apparently he already suffered a bad reaction to a vaccine as a young child.

The reaction from her followers has been about what you would expect:

And so on and so on. There are a few braindead idiots in agreement with her but it’s mostly facepalming and disappointment all round. I mean of all the moments to come out as anti-vaccine? This whole epidemic is really exposing so many celebrities for the deluded morons they are.

Well, unfortunately for M.I.A., a Covid-19 vaccine is currently in trials, but probably won’t be ready until 2021, in case she has a change of heart. Contrary to her Tweeting “you are not going to die”, plenty of people are going to die before the vaccine is available, so let’s hope she has another think about it.

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