Brave Celebrities Are Heroically Going Makeup-Free While Social Distancing

Never mind the NHS, these are the real heroes of society.

If you thought the doctors and nurses fighting against the scourge of coronavirus are heroes, think again. The real heroes are clearly the celebrities going without makeup during lockdown, and making sure the rest of us know about it.

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If you ever wondered what the true face of grit, courage and heroism looks like, this lot have got you covered:

Some celebrities even have to… wait for it… mop their own floors! Oh the humanity!

‘Stunning and brave’ I think is the term usually reserved for this sort of selfless, Mother Theresa-like behaviour. 

Didn’t these idiots see the backlash against Gal Gadot and her celebrity pals when they did an awful quarantine cover of ‘Imagine’ the other day? I mean how deluded can you get. I really think this period of Covid-19 is waking people up to the fact that most celebrities are just narcissistic sociopaths who can’t stand it when they’re not the centre of attention. The worst part about coronavirus for them is that it’s stealing all their headlines, so they end up pulling desperate shite like this.

Is there any way we can get them to sing ‘Imagine’ while going without makeup too? At least you’ve got cool celebs like John Mayer who wouldn’t be caught dead pulling some shit like this. 


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