Mexico Have Just Invented Clouds That Rain Tequila

Mexico tequila rain cloud

Make it rain.

In a bid to attract tourists, the Mexican tourist board has invented a cloud which actually rains tequila.

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With the help of an American marketing company, the nation is hoping that this incredible booze-cloud will have tourists flocking to the country.

The cloud was initially installed at an art gallery in Berlin this week, just to test the waters.

The hi-tech system uses ultrasonic humidifiers, which vibrate tequila at a frequency that transforms it into visible mist. This mist then goes into a plastic container where it forms with the vapour to make a cloud, which periodically rains actual alcohol. Incredible. Visitors can collect their tequila shots from under the cloud, although they want to be careful not to get any in their eye. That would hurt like a bitch.

So clever. Well, I know where I’m holidaying this year. I’m going to spend two weeks getting blackout drunk on tequila rain. Chin chin.

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