Mexican Hitman Reveals The Single Worst Murder He’s Ever Committed

That was when he knew he had to get out.

The life of a hitman must be particularly harrowing and only for those with a true heart made out of stone, and the story of Martin Corona seems to confirm that viewpoint.

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Corona was a hitman for the Tijuana Cartel in Mexico where he operated as part of the Death Squad that once tried to take out El Chapo. He’s detailed his life in a new book entitled ‘Confessions Of A Cartel Hitman’, where he reveals the details of eight deaths and how he once shot a pregnant woman whilst her daughter looked on in horror:

Confessions Hit Man

She opened the door with the chain still attached to get a look at me. What she saw was a clean‑cut nerdy guy, so she took the chain off.

As soon as she did that, I pulled out my gun and the rest of the crew rushed into the house. By this time the mom was with the daughter by the door and they both tried to take off screaming.

We let the daughter go and three of us sort of tackled the mom.

Pato shoots her in the head and Drak and I shoot as well. We were pretty certain she wouldn’t survive the five rounds she’d just taken.

Miraculously though, she did survive. That was the tipping point for Corona, who decided that he had to leave the gangster life behind and squealed to the cops and made a deal.

He currently lives in a witness protection program somewhere in the United States and can’t be pictured for fear that the cartels will find him. They sure hold a grudge. He claims he is remorseful of his former life and has written letters to the families of those he killed, apologising for his actions. Not sure how that’s gonna help, but I suppose it’s the thought that counts.

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