Mexican Player Produces Amazing Front Flip Throw In

Jose Juan Vasquez Front Flip Throw In

Mexico revolutionises the game of football with this never before seen special move that probably should only belong in FIFA street.

Jose Juan Vasquez step forward and take a bow because this is some phenomenal never before seen shit that I don’t think anyone even ever thought they would see on a football pitch.

The amazing front flip throw in pretty much speaks for itself in what it is but when you see it in action it’s actually way more impressive and isn’t even just some dumb party trick he’s pulling out so he can pick up girls in the club after the game – he’s actually got loads of pace and distance on it AND what’s more it goes straight to the player he’s trying to throw it to. It’s just a pity he sucks and loses the ball and gives away a foul almost immediately.

For those of you who care about the vital statistics, the game took place at the weekend between Leon FC and Pachuca FC and Jose Juan Vasquez is also in Mexico’s World Cup squad, so hopefully we might be seeing this in Brazil in a few weeks.

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