Slow Motion 720 Double Kick Flip

If you’re into skating you have to watch this!

I never skated because I was too much of a flid (do people still use that word? Is that how you even spell it?) but I was always hung out with skaters because all my friends skated and I was a punk in my teens so it just kind of went with the territory. And OF COURSE like anyone else who grew up in the late 90’s I played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, so I can really appreciate this dude landing a 720 double kick flip. It’s even better in SLOW MOTION and on a 1000 FPS camera!

Anyway, the dude is called Robbyn Magby, which is a name that will definitely fit in on the new Tony Hawk’s game – are they still making those? Just watch out for Erik Sparrow I guess. Check out the vid below:


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