Watch This Meth Dealer Give Himself Up Instantly To Cops During A Routine Traffic Stop

Meth Dealer

He broke like a little baby.

When you think of drug dealers – even low level street dealers – you normally think that they’re going to be super tough and not take any crap from anyone.

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Well, this guy completely turns that assumed view on its head. He gets pulled over for a routine traffic stop by some cops and instantly breaks as soon as they start asking him questions, admitting that he’s a meth dealer and then going on to explain his whole business plan and set up to them as well.

It’s kind of bizarre, but I guess the kid is just completely and utterly bricking it as he’s way out of his depth:

I’m pretty sure he probably could have got away with that if he hadn’t been such a pussy about it. Or at least tell the policemen he was just using the meth himself and wasn’t dealing, at least that way it probably would have just got confiscated and he wouldn’t have been sent to prison.

For more meth dealers, check out this guy who managed to escape prison thanks to his excellent business model. Maybe the guy in the video should give him a call afterwards for some ‘business’ advice.


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