Two Men In Court For Threatening Mesut Ozil’s Security Guard Outside Arsenal Star’s Home

Don’t let Sead Kolasinac catch these two.

Just before the start of the new football season, this video of two moped thieves attempting to rob Mesut Ozil and getting ran off by the Serbian beast Sead Kolasinac went viral:

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After that, Sky News showed up outside Ozil’s house in Highgate, north London to interview him as he returned home and gave the world an up close look at his front door. 

Days later, Salaman Ekinci and Ferhat Encun, both 27, showed up at Ozil’s address and started on his security guard Kemil Sezer. This is the ‘security risk’ that caused £350k-a-week Ozil (and Kolasinac) to miss Arsenal’s first game of the season against Newcastle. 

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Well these two dopey chavs got rounded up by the police and appeared in court this week, where they both deny charges of ‘behaving in a threatening and abusive manner’, as reported by The Sun. They’re out on bail and back in court in November.

No way of knowing if these are the same two chavs who tried to rob Ozil and were sent scarpering by Kolasinac, but I’d be surprised if they weren’t associated with them at the very least. 

I mean that was such a flop of a robbery attempt that they just couldn’t handle the fact the video went viral. So imagine getting so angry about it that they then track down Ozil at his house, get into an argument with his bodyguard, and wind up getting arrested anyway.

Not exactly criminal masterminds are they?

For more dumb criminals, get a load of this guy who casually walked into a police station holding a knife. Not the best idea he ever had.


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