If You’re A Meat Eater Complaining About The Chinese Dog Meat Festival You’re A Complete Moron

Dog meat festival


Summer solstice is the most rewarding time of the year for dog meat traders over in China as it means it’s time for the annual dog meat festival. Held over in Yulin, southern China, and starting on June 21st, this event sees traders gather as many dogs as they can in order to be killed and eaten in the name of culinary tradition.

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Not only is the entire festival gruesome and traumatic, but the journey is also brutal for the dogs. They are stuffed into tiny cages for hours and hours and occasionally one of the traders might break a limb in order to fit them in.

Dog meat festival

Once they arrive, the dogs are then taken to abattoirs or straight to restaurants where they are either barbecued or boiled depending on how the customer wants to eat them. During the festival, which lasts 10 days, around 10,000 dogs are killed.

So horrible right? As in, how could anyone keep an animal in a confined space before killing and eating it? That’s absolutely inhumane. Oh no wait, we literally do that to cows, chickens, lambs and pigs every fucking day.

I’m not having a go at meat eaters here, but what I’m saying is that if you find this dog festival cruel and upsetting AND you eat meat, then you are a complete moron. If any of you have seen footage of the inside of a factory farm, you will know that animals are treated even worse than these dogs are, for longer periods of time. And it’s not like we’re killing dumb animals that don’t know any better – pigs are even more intelligent than dogs.

pigs in factory farm

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Every time this festival comes round there is an outcry and some sort of campaign to stop it. Yeah, fair enough, but if you’re going to do that, then maybe include all species – not just cute, fluffy, domesticated ones.

But yeah, it’s absolutely tragic that these dogs are brutally killed in the name of food. Dogs are awesome – check out this one playing fetch with himself.


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