The Most Messed Up Video Game Of All Time Just Dropped A New Trailer

Hatred Trailer

It’s only got more brutal.

A few months back we dropped the trailer to what was being called the most violent video game of all time. It was called Hatred and it basically looked like it involved you playing as some goth guy who got bored with life and decided to go postal and kill everyone in the world before killing himself.

It looked pretty good to be honest but inevitably a whole bunch of people had a meltdown about it being too violent and dark and a campaign to get it banned was introduced. It doesn’t look like it’s worked though as Destructive Creations (great name) just dropped a new trailer and you can now pre-order the game, and even get a nifty Hatred t-shirt that will probably get all the hot chicks talking to you next time you hit the gym to work out.

They’ve also put out this press release which would suggest they’re not English, which makes the whole thing even more intriguing. I particularly like the way the main character is named ‘The Antagonist’. Edgy.

Enjoy the second gameplay trailer of our upcoming game “Hatred”. Few months have passed since the first reveal and all the storm in media it caused. Time to show something more and feed our hungry fans!

Here we focused on destruction systems. As The Antagonist, you’ll be able to oblitterate everything on your way, and cause a gruesome damage. You’ll be an incarnation of apocalypse, hate and destruction!

Stay tuned for more!


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