Probably the most bizarre Xmas video ever.

I’m not really that into megaupload for transferring files – I normally use medafire if I’m going to use anything, but honestly there isn’t really that many reasons for me to upload files anymore – but I am grateful to them for their offshoot megavideo which has allowed me to watch countless TV shows (like Oz) and movies since I gave up on owning a TV. However, despite this I could never have foreseen them releasing a Christmas video to all their fans/users. Especially not one that would resemble anything like this one.

It’s just completely weird. That’s the only way I can sum it up. Perhaps borderline racist too. It’s basically a really catchy dumb jingle that sounds like a Bruno Mars B side or something that goes ‘M-E-G-A Upload to me today, send me a file, megaupload. MEGA, MEGA’ repeatedly. There are some other verses/words too but it’s pretty much this over and over again for the whole song whilst the instrumentation changes. There’s also a verse where they try to get you to buy the unlimited option because ‘it’s a hit, it’s a hit’ or the mega manager because ‘it’s ten times faster.’

Ok I guess this doesn’t sound too bizarre just yet, other than the fact that they have written a song about a file upload service. But there’s more. About a minute into the video (yeah it’s five minutes long) they have some testimonials from people about how megaupload is the best file uploading/sharing site and how they always use it when they need to transfer files. Again, not that weird. But what is weird is that every single testimonial is given by a famous black dude (P Diddy, Jamie Foxx, Kanye West).

Now, I’m not racist, not even in a Larry David kind of way  (and I definitely don’t want an 8 game ban) but isn’t that kind of weird? What kind of image is megauplod trying to promote? Urban? Ghetto? Self made man working themselves up from the streets? I realise all of those sound kind of racist but I’m trying to understand megaupload’s angle. In any case, I don’t really think any of those images can really be associated with a FILE UPLOADING SERVICE.

Anyway, the video is below. If you’ve got any ideas on its intentions give me a shout, otherwise merry xmas from megaupload and everyone as Sick Chirpse.

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