Men Watch Video Of Their Girlfriends Being Catcalled On The Street; Don’t Exactly Take It Very Well…

Imagine having to watch your girlfriend get catcalled by creeps on the street and being completely powerless to stop it. Welcome to these guys’ world.

Lots of these street harassment videos are dropping online in 2015, but what about when you sit a guy down and have him watch sleazy dudes exclusively catcalling his girlfriend as she walks down the street minding her business?

Cosmopolitan put it to the test:

Obviously most of those are creepy, cringeworthy and completely uneccesary but the guy who said “I like your tattoos” didn’t do anything wrong, did he? Same with asking a girl what her name is.

Top marks for the boyfriends on how they reacted though. If watching your girlfriend getting catcalled like that doesn’t wind you up then she’s dumping you ASAP.


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