There’s A New Trend Where Men ‘Ghost’ You But Still ‘Like’ Your Social Media Posts

Why do men do this?

Women online are trying to fathom a new ‘trend’ where guys ghost them but then continue to ‘Like’ their activity on social media.

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What is ‘ghosting’ you ask? Elite Daily describes it a “passive form of breadcrumbing”:

A guy doesn’t want to have you in his life fully, but he also doesn’t want to lose you completely, so he makes sure to passive aggressively insert himself in your mind.

24-year-old Maya told ED about a guy she’d been dating for six months:

He would always tell me that he wanted a relationship but never followed through. Eventually, he ghosted me.

When we were ‘together,’ he never liked any of my Instagram pictures. But now that we’re over — no joke — he has double tapped every single one of my pictures.

The same thing happened to 23-year-old Allison with a guy who ghosted her years ago:

I logged onto LinkedIn a few weeks ago and saw that he tried to connect with me. Then, I go on Instagram, and he followed me there, too.

He literally likes every single one of my pictures and even went back and liked pictures I posted from before he was following me. He even likes pictures of my boyfriend and I. It’s weird and, honestly, kind of creepy.


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They’ve got loads more examples like that in their article, and it just goes to show how that sometimes women have as hard a time understanding men as vice-versa. Sure they seem to understand the part where a man wants to feel like he has ‘ownership’ in his head even after breaking up with a girl, but in some cases it must feel a bit like psychological/emotional warfare. In other cases, it’s purely because the guy is feeling horny and is sending out a ‘feeler’ to the girl via social media, just reminding her he still exists and still checks out her social media. Is that unfair? I suppose it can be, but that’s just the way it is.

On the bright side, women LOVE receiving likes on social media whether it’s from a total stranger or a guy they used to hook up with. Doesn’t matter how ruthlessly a guy may have ditched a girl or vice-versa, she’ll still happily accept his likes on Instagram if it will push them from 99 to 100 on any particular photo. That’s just how it goes in the age of social media.

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