Guy Texts His GF ‘He’s Busy’ Text Prank, She Goes Absolutely Postal At Him

He's Busy Prank

I bet he wishes he hadn’t bothered.

Everyone has those moments when their girlfriends are annoying them via text and they just want them to leave them alone so they can finish doing whatever it is that they’re doing.

One guy called Kalab (sweet name bra, are you going to the Gathering Of The Juggalos this year ?) read the following advice on imgur and decided to act upon it:

He's Busy Prank 1

He soon regretted it though. When he turned his phone back on he had some absolutely insane messages from her and eventually she turned up at his house to confront him. He managed to snap pictures of her speeding up to his house and running up to his door but there’s no info about how the whole fiasco ended.

There might be a clue in the title of his post on imgur though – ‘He’s busy (and dead)’ – about what happened once the picture diary finished. Oof – if ever there’s a lesson to be learned from this it’s probably not to play pranks like this on psycho girls. So that would probably mean pretty much all of them.

Check out the slideshow to see her reaction…

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